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Everyday people. Serving you.

I am passionate about helping individuals secure theirs, and their loved one’s financial future and you will experience that for yourself as I serve you throughout this process.

Lionel Fajayan

CEO/Licensed Agent
I consider Florida and California my amazing homes because the food in both states is phenomenal and YES I said FOOD, and YES I am a FOODIE!!!

It's me again

I am particularly excited about the idea of helping people protect themselves and their families financially with life insurance and annuity products.

IK Ezueh

Director of Operations/Licensed Agent
When not working, I love spending time with my wife of 23 years, our 2 beautiful daughters and our dog, Max.

It's me again

Family is everything!
I have a passion to serve people and even more so, a bigger love for the elderly community.

Diana Tolliver

Director of Marketing & Community Relations
I'm a mother to the cutest, most handsome little boy of all time

It's me again

Proud Mom
The most rewarding part of my day besides my family, is the ability to help, educate, and guide my clients into a direction that gives them and their families peace of mind.

Chris Giacomino

Licensed Agent
I'm a father to FOUR wonderful children and husband to my amazing wife.

It's me again

Family man
I'm so excited to be part of an industry where I get to "serve" individuals and their precious families.

Randy Farrales

Licensed Agent
I have 5 kids and a dog! 4 boys, 1 girl, and a Luna puppy girl and yes, I have enough kids for a starting five basketball team.

It's me again

Family man
I love advocating for people, being their voice, and serving them so that they have a peace of mind that they are receiving the best possible care and outcome for themselves and their families.

Kimberly Curtis

Director of Customer Service
I've been humbly blessed with so many things but the biggest blessing is my encouragement, homie, best friend, and husband George!

It's me again

I was an aspiring actor at one point in my life and now I aspire to inspire individuals to be the best versions of themselves in every facet of their lives.

Joshua Silas

Scheduling Agent
Health and Financial Wellness is what I love!

It's me again

Health and Fitness Enthusiast